I write a science and philosophy blog called Adam’s Opticks. My articles have also been published at Aeon magazine, Massimo Pigliucci’s Scientia Salon and David Sloan Wilson’s This View of Life.

I tend to focus on what you might call ‘natural philosophy’ – a way of thinking that incorporates both science and philosophy, and resists the artificial separation between them.

My critiques of academics such as the physicist Lee Smolin and the social psychologist Jonathan Haidt have elicited detailed responses from their targets. Click here to read my debate with Smolin about the nature of time, and here for my discussion of Haidt’s The Righteous Mind (Haidt responds in the comments section).

Adam’s Opticks has also drawn comment and praise from figures such as Stephen Pinker, Daniel Dennett, James Ladyman and Raymond Tallis. Tallis has employed me to critique his forthcoming Of Time and Lamentation (2016). James Ladyman, meanwhile, recently commissioned four films from Adam’s Opticks about the relationship between science and philosophy. You can find these over on my Films page.

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