Since 2015 I’ve been making a series of films for Bristol university’s Centre for Science and Philosophy and the physics department at Wolfson College, Oxford.

2018 Oxford Series

#1: Experimental physicist Markus Arndt quizzes theoretical physicist David Deutsch on the ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation of quantum mechanics:

#2: David Deutsch outlines the fundamentals of ‘Constructor Theory’:

2016 Bristol Series

#1: An in-depth interview with physicist Chiara Marletto on ‘Constructor Theory’, a radical proposal for the reformulation of fundamental physics:

#2: Philosopher of science Lina Jansson attempts to reconcile two rival accounts of scientific explanation:

#3: Philosopher Ophelia Deroy describes her collaborations with cognitive neuroscientists in pursuit of scientific models of the mind:

2015 Series

#1: Here I am having an argument with famed biologist and cantankerous philosophy-skeptic, Lewis Wolpert:

#2: Polymath Raymond Tallis quizzes philosopher of physics James Ladyman on the thesis of his book, Every Thing Must Go (2007):

#3: A documentary about the relationship between science and philosophy, featuring James Ladyman, Karoline Wiesner, Samir Okasha and Lewis Wolpert:

#4: An interview with philosopher Havi Carel on her work concerning illness and philosophy:

Back in 2013, I also conducted this in-depth interview with the social psychologist Guy Saunders:

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